Monday, March 26, 2012

Small Favor Review

Title: Small Favor
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: Dresden Files #10
Genre: Detective, Private Investigator, Urban Fantasy, Wizards, Faeries, Demons, Angels,


Jim Butcher's tenth installment to the Dresden Files series is as usual a treat for every fans of Harry Dresden as we get a healthy dose action action, magic, faery politics and fallen angels and countless number of humorous sarcasms.

Small Favor is one of my favorite of the Dresden Files book as get to battle yet again Nichodemus and the rest of the Blackened Denarians in order to rescue Gentleman Johnny Marcone at the hands of these afformention fallen angels as one the three favors Harry owed from the Winter Court Queen Mab. Another twist came in the form of the Summer Court faeries trying to prevent Harry from complying favor. Joining the fray are the Knights of the Cross, Captain Luccio and the rest of the Wardens and of course Harry's family (his half brother Thomas) and friends the Carpenters, the Alphas werewolves and of course, Karrin Murphy.

The White Council - Red Court war was put in a background at this time but a new threat slowly creeping in to form (the Black Council as dubbed by Harry). This won't be the last book we that we read about Nichodemus and his cohorts as Jim has stated that the Blackened Denarians will "show up" on every 5th book, so we will be expecting them on "book 15".

Overall "Small Favor" is a great blend of action, humor and emotional struggles and as with the previous books, I highly recommend it that you include this on your "must read" list. If you can get the audiobook version the better as James Marsters did a superb job of narrating.

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