Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turn Coat Review

Title: Turn Coat
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: Dresden Files #11
Genre: Detective, Private Investigator, Urban Fantasy, Wizards, Faeries, Demons, Vampires, Skinwalkers, Werewolves, Skinwalkers

I considered "Turn Coat" Jim Butcher 11th installment another turning point into the series as a whole as this story involves Morgan, Harry personal rival in the White Council, asking for Harry help as he is being frame of killing a high ranking member of the White Counciland is being hunted down by the same Wardens who he is a member too. Despite their differences, Harry voluntarily helps Morgan find the real culprit to the murders as he firmly believe that Morgan can never kill someone without probable cause and he is too righeous to do so.

Harry suspects that there's mole within the White Council and with the aid of the Alphas and the White court vampires, Harry was able to uncover the mole and its sinister plan of destroying the council from within clearing Morgan's name and cutting the Red Court's tactical advantages in the war. There's a lot of revelation being reveal which would really affect the future of the series as a whole.

Despite the book being a bit more serious, Turn Coat still has lots of action, conspiracy theories and we get to see the other "good guys" join in to help Harry in his investigation. As with the previous books, I would recommend getting the audiobook version too as James Marsters did a good job narrating. 

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