Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spider's Bite Review

Title: Spider's Bite
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assasin #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Elemental Magic, Assasins, Vampires, Giants, Dwarves.

"My name is Gin, and I kill people"


Spider's Bite introduce us to Gin Blanco, a strong,brunette girl with a heavy southern accent who works as a waitress for a restaurant in the fictional city of Ashland called Pork Pit but moonlights as an assasin with stone and ice elemental skills. The restaurant is owned by an old man named Fletcher Lane whom was also a former assassin named "Tin Man" who is also Gin's mentor.

The story starts with Gin on job to which give us reader a glimpse of how Gin works his assassin jobs: swift, precise and brutal. After successfully killing the target, she was advised by his mentor to retire for from the assassin business which she still can. She was finally given a new job which requires her to kill a CFO of big company who was suspected of laundering money from the company accounts. When the time for her to do the job, she soon encounters another assassin who was contracted by the same client to eliminate Gin and pin her as the fall guy.

This begins a series of events that lead to murder of her handler/mentor at the hands of an Air Elemental, Her rescuing detective Donovan Caine and finally killing the Air Elemental. Sexual tension between Gin and Donavan Caine reached it's peak as they engaged into "one-hour" stand despite Donovan Caine's moral reluctance.

Overall, Spider Bite is a great introduction to this great urban fantasy series. I would recommend listening to the audiobook while reading as this will enhance the reading experience. The narrator Lauren Fortgang did a great job conveying the "southern gal" vibe of the main character.
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