Sunday, March 11, 2012

Proven Guilty Review

Title: Proven Guilty
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: Dresden Files #8
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Wizards, Faeries, Demons, Vampires, Supernatural.


After the events in "Dead Beat", Harry Dresden is now a Warden of the White Council, the first official task was to bear witness to the execution of a young warlock, corrupted by his own arcane powers. Harry despised that act of killing children as they should be guided to the ways of the arcane.

And then there's issue about the Faerie Summer and Winter Courts. When Harry is asked to investigate why the Fae haven't come to help the wizards in the war against the Red Court, and is also warned that black magic is being worked in the city you know it's going to be a difficult week. Especially when it starts right out with someone trying to run Harry over while he's in his VW bug. Another issue came when Molly, Michael Carpenter's eldest daughter was revealed to use magic on her friends.

The book is a bit shorter compared to the previous installments, which only means Butcher decided cut out a lot of loose talk and got right too it. He manages to fill in detail after detail without getting over saturated.

As with the previous books, I like the humor that Jim Butcher infuses in this series. It now becomes a signature style of Jim Butcher to at least balance the humor and the seriousness in the story even though these the humor is somewhat of a "comic relief".

Proven Guilty did not give us that feel of time running out and the world would end soon. It forshadows things in Harry's world that are more dangerous in the near future. As again the traitor in the White Council seems to strike, the Vampire War takes another turn, the affairs of the Sidhe are revisited with catastrophic consequences for those involved.

This is also the first book that Murphy was not present (as we all know that she was in a long vacation in Hawaii with someone which we later learn to be Kincaid).

As with the previous books, Proven Guilty is one book that every Harry Dresden fanatics should have in their collection. The story is more straight forward and there are a lot of things that could affect the main plot of the series as a whole.
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