Monday, April 30, 2012

The Wise Man's Fear Review

Title: The Wise Man's Fear
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Series: Kingkiller Chronicles #2
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Magic, Assassins, Action, Adventure, Fae, Martial Arts


The Wise Man's Fear is basically a continuation of Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind, the first book of the Kingkiller Chronicles trilogy. "Wise Man's Fear" continues to employ the first person-third person view switching of the story as Kvothe continues to tell his story to the Chronicler his adventures and exploits in the University as well his adventures to another place called Severun, his unfortunate time at the hands of the fae and to his desire to follow the mystical path of righteouness and learn the Ketan martial art and the Lethani.

As with the Name of Wind, Wise Man's Fear still has the presense of J.R.R Tolkien (deep fantasy words and languages) and George R.R. Martin's influence (switching reader views) and some Harry Potter (the University). Rothfuss takes to the the protagnis't journey with a passion and depth that routinely turns the trite into the transcendent.

Overall, this sequel carries the first book’s ideas and wild exuberance further. Wise Man's fear is a great addition to your fantasy reading list as the series itself is a breath fresh air for the epic fantasy genre.
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