Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blood Rites Review

Title: Blood Rites
Author: Jim Butcher
Series: Dresden Files #6
Genre: Detective, Private Investigator, Urban Fantasy, Wizards, Vampires


Blood Rites is the sixth installment of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. As the title suggests, this book focuses around vampires.

In Harry Dresden's world there are three types of vampires: The Red Court vampire who look like humans to conceal their inhuman nature and are highly organised. White Court vampires are those who drain the lifeforce of their victims through sex rather than the traditional way of draining the blood. And finally the Black Court vampires who are the classic type of vampires written about by Bram Stroker. They are walking corpses with all the strengths and weaknesses of traditional vampires.

Although the plot of this story does not really affect the overall arc of the series but there several key points that do:

-When Harry rescued the Tibetan puppies from the demon monkeys as one of his jobs, One puppy hid inside his VW Beatle and was later adapted by Harry.

-The revelation that Thomas Raith is actually Harry's half-brother from his mother side.

Overall the story is action packed and as always, Harry Dresden overcomes any adversity with his signature snide remarks and sarcasm that we always love.
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