Thursday, September 8, 2011

Martview, an attractive PDF reader that lets you share publications

Martview is basically a PDF reader that you have put steroids in the eye, thinking nothing more than touch screens. The appearance is what draws the most attention, with a modern design and useful. The program runs full screen and the menu bar is hidden at the top. We have several ways to view the documents, but the most striking is what allows us to turn the pages as if they were pages of a book, but we can resort to more usual methods, with a vertical or horizontal. In addition, it has the usual functions of zoom or display an index of pages through thumbnails.

Supports two formats: PDF and MART, the reader himself. However, we can convert images (JPEG, GIF and PNG), ZIP, RAR and PDF format them with the internal converter MART. Recommend it to PDF because that program performance is better. For testing, I tried to convert a pair of compressed files but there was no way, though I had better luck with images only, where I worked without problems.

Martview offers a service that allows you to download content uploaded by other users or increase our own using a small integrated manager. And of course, have the ability to share what they are reading at that time through Twitter and Facebook. For every click you make someone share the link, you will be given 5 points. When you reach a certain number of points you can unlock certain categories of publications that initially you can not access.

Among the "buts" that you can put the program is it lacks a function to mark pages and will only be able to read PDF, apart from the proprietary format. Also missing is an option to turn the interface and use it in portrait mode, something that would be wrong. In addition, it consumes considerable resources and recommended for use with other programs closed, so we can not be very useful if we have it to look up information as we work.

No doubt, a very attractive option in the panorama of desktop readers, but more suitable for prolonged reading or files that contain many images. I find it very convenient for when you feel only to read but not for everyday use constant consultation. His appearance is very pleasant and the experience of reading with this program seemed more pleasant than with other readers lighter. MartView is free and works on any Windows from 2000 to Windows 7. No further specification is available on its website, but if you have installed Java 1.6, you can not install the program. This lack of specifications is also a bug, so I recommend you be careful where you install, does not work or you do not do it halfway.

You can get the program in its own official website.

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