Friday, August 19, 2011

A Blog about Fictional Books

During my early years (before then internet and portable devices), I like to read books, particularly fictional books. Most of my genre of choice where about fantasy, medieval, futuristic or sci-fiction, gothic and mystery. My favorite books before and up to know are the Dragonlance books (my favorites where those where written by either or both by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman). When good books title are hard to find on our local bookstores, I decided to stop and focus more on other forms of entertainment.

With the emergence of E-book readers and portable devices, I decided that I was time for me to catch up on reading again. My first "journey" back to reading was a gothic genre book series called the "Mortal Instruments" written by Cassandra Clare. As of this writing, I'm on the third book right now entitled "City of Glass".

The reason why I decided on making a blog out of my reading of this fictional books is to share some of my opinions about each book that I'm currently reading or have read. I am also planning to post review based on personal view of each book. Aside from the books, I will do some reviews of upcoming devices as well as applications relating to reading e-book as well as audiobooks. 
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